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Artist in Residence Program


EQUITY INTERNATIONAL – ARTS & CULTURE has immense honor to announce our ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAM – a laboratory for arts and humanities that provides the global art community with time, space and freedom to create and inspire.

Founded in 2018, the EQUITY INTERNATIONAL – ARTS & CULTURE’s Centre is an interdisciplinary laboratory for arts and humanities located in Moklishte, Kavadarci in the Tikves region, Macedonia. With an emphasis on creativity and collaboration, the ARTS & CULTURE’s Centre integrates performing arts practice with resources from the humanities, research of science and inspiration from visual arts.

The ARTS & CULTURE’s Centre is unique within the global landscape of experimental art practice and regularly invites the brightest minds from different disciplines to create art.

“a unique place for inspiration, cultural exchange and the development of creative process and creativity.”

As a laboratory for experimentation, creativity and otherwise – a place for the accommodation of artists, students and associates, placing a wide collection of artworks and artefacts and providing space in nature in which artists can preserve, collaborate, develop and practice new performances and create new art projects.

Built-in 1998, EQUITY INTERNATIONAL – ARTS & CULTURE’s Centre combines performance and workplace trials with community spaces. Its flexible and multifunctional interiors have formal and informal design spaces, reference library, kitchen/dining facilities and a dormitory. The collection of art and artefacts by internationally renown artist Igor Josifov is exhibited throughout the building. The centre is located outside the city noise in forest and beautiful grounds in a unique, rural setting beside the sound of the river and surrounded by nature.

Each year collectives and individual artists would stay in the ARTS & CULTURE’s Centre to live and develop works that critically explore, challenge and expand the existing norms of art practice. Artists-in-residence shares their creative process with the community through open trials, workshops and conversations with artists. Artistic programs exist to invite artists, academics, curators, performers to live in the institution’s premises.

Some residency programs are included in major institutions, such as museums, universities or galleries. Other organizations exist only to support housing exchange programs.

EQUITY INTERNATIONAL – ARTS & CULTURE’s Centre partners with local schools and organizations, creating customized programs for encouraging cooperation and immersion in the creative process of participants, including families, as a creative shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

Cooperation means:

Young artists will have to authorize to make replicas of their works, authorized replicas and the artworks images to be applied to clothing, limited prints and other items that will be sold online. Most of the proceeds will be paid to the young art professionals in support of their development and careers. (so they do not sell their originals before.) A team of renowned world curators will be appointed to choose the works that will be sent by young artists.This platform will have a system of selectivity from a professional team of curators, historians and professionals in the field.

The platform will work with professional PR on a global scale.

The platform will work with a lawyer specializing in the protection of artists’ rights.

In addition to education, lawyers will have to educate artists about how to protect their copyrights. through seminars held through meetings and online education.
They will provide draft contracts depending on the country and laws that help protect the rights of artists.
Lawyers or chambers will allow the representation of young artists through the system, raising costs for advocacy after a dispute.
Curators who will be members of the platform will have the task of promoting young artists in countries where they are from and globally.

Depending on the resources available the centre will also provide:
Inspirational atmosphere and working conditions for artists who, for various reasons (religious, political) are not welcomed in their environments will be welcomed at the EQUITY INTERNATIONAL – ARTS & CULTURE’s Centre.